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Have you received a call from 202-011-3341? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 011-3341

202-011-3341 / (202) 011-3341 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Free Dating sites on August 05, 2013
"Hi, I love your website if I'm straightforward. Wherever did you receive it built?"


Submitted by Amy on July 15, 2013
"When i answered they asked if they were speaking to Danielle (which there is nobody here by that name). When I said they had the wrong number they just hung up on me."

CALLER ID: 0-202-011-3341

Submitted by Jane on July 10, 2013
"Same Indian women keeps calling telling me my computer has problems and they will help block the virus. Lots of noise in the background - obviously a call ctr. I told her I had reported this to the FBI which I have done. The first time a man got on the phone and gave me a call back number and a name. I checked this out and clearly this is a fraud. They are probably reading all the comments."

CALLER ID: 0-202-011-3341
CALLER COMPANY: Kahkashan Prave

Submitted by DM2009 on July 08, 2013
"Have received many calls from this number- on two separate occasions I spoke with a Indian guy obviously calling from a call center- said he represented Microsoft and that there was a problem with our computer- told him to remove us from his call list- second time told him again- he then challenged me asking who I could tell and when I was going to tell him- got really nasty- hung up on him and he called back on another line registering to the name parthsarathi- with no number."

CALLER ID: 202-011-3341

Submitted by David on June 18, 2013
"Same as others reported. Lots of background noise, heavy Indian accent. The caller said that my computer had been hacked, he wanted me to get on my computer and get online. I stopped him there, told him I was a computer professional and that I had no been hacked, what was he selling. He said nothing but that I needed to get online immediately. I hung up on him."

CALLER ID: 0-202-011-3341

Submitted by Dee on June 04, 2013
"got the call today 6/23/13. same as above.I played along for a few min.s.I ask how he got my # and he said it was when i purchased my computer.I told him I didn't have that # when I got the computer.Then I played like I was getting on my computer to help them so I wouldn't get hacked.After a period of minutes.I told him he had to be a real dumb ***** if he thought I was really doing what he ask.Then I hung up!"

CALLER ID: 0-202-011-3341
CALLER COMPANY: unknown name

Submitted by Guest User on May 30, 2013
"Male caller talked to my kid and was trying to get him to use a computer in our house."

CALLER ID: 0-202-011-3341

Submitted by Scam Call on May 29, 2013
"Heavy Indian accent - wanted me to access their site so they could take care of my unauthorized users on my computer. I told him I could hear hundreds of people calling in the same room as him & I didn't trust anything he said. I asked to be connected to a person who actually spoke English as I could not understand anything he was saying. Very frustrating!"

CALLER ID: 202-011-3341

Submitted by Ludwig on May 14, 2013
"I had 52 of these calls on my caller ID over a two week period (in which I never answered the phone) and decided to play with them this time. They swore at me when I asked them if I can call them back at a more appropriate time. THAT'S when I decided to use my trusty air horn on them."

CALLER ID: 202-011-3341

Submitted by Anna on May 07, 2013
"received a call from this number.
Asked for someone that doesn't live here.
first time I received a call fron this number"

CALLER ID: v050705413201120-202-011-3341

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