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Have you received a call from +1 (817) 376-9769? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +1 (817) 376-9769

+1 (817) 376-9769 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jason on September 18, 2017
"Just received a robocal from these scammers. Knew right away that this was a scam. The IRS will only use snail mail. The only time you will talk with someone on the phone at one of the IRS offices is if you call."

CALLER ID: 1 (817) 376-9769
CALLER COMPANY: Claims to be the IRS

Submitted by JM on September 18, 2017
"Keep getting the same calls from this number saying it is the federal gov."

CALLER ID: 1-817-376-9769

Submitted by Mike on September 18, 2017
"IRS scam / impersonators. Beware. Heavy Indian accent, pretending they are calling for "taxes misfile""

CALLER ID: Arlington TX

Submitted by Greg on September 18, 2017
"Just got a call. Claimed I had a warrant that wasn't active yet because of my Taxes. I asked for a supervisor...honestly it sounded like someone was trying to disguise their voice. I asked for badge numbers and was given a number and a case number. Was told I had til today to pay or fight in court. Called my accountant and he said it was bogus!"

Submitted by Jamie Barker on September 18, 2017
"This person just called claiming to be the IRS"

CALLER ID: 18173769769

Submitted by Anonymous on September 18, 2017
"I received a robocall stating this was an officer with the IRS and there had been a major fraud that needed to be taken care of and gave instructions to call back. You could not do anything other than listen to the message on the call. I called back and told them that I knew"

CALLER ID: 8173769769

Submitted by Bob on September 18, 2017
"Call twice to say I had fraudulently filed my taxes. IRS does not call anyone, they will mail you a letter and have you come in face to face."

CALLER ID: 817-376-9769

Submitted by Maria on September 16, 2017
"They've called me twice in the same year, once confronted they hang up. They're a scam so please do not fall for it."

CALLER ID: +1 (817) 376-9769

Submitted by Preston Montee on September 16, 2017
"officer daniel martin crime investigation irs They stated that I have a warrant for tax evasion. as soon as I asked for a badge number they hung up and blocked me. Fraud callers."

CALLER ID: 817-376-9769
CALLER COMPANY: Fraudulently identifying as IRS

Submitted by Guest User on September 15, 2017
"IRS Scam"

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